The Guardian - Quick Crossword Answers - May 29, 2014

 The Guardian - Quick Crossword Solutions - May 29, 2014

Clue Answer
Abound TEEM
Board-and-sail sportsperson WINDSURFER
Bring up (or what you can bring up!) REAR
Change slightly ADJUST
Drink from the bottle SWIG
Gallantry CHIVALRY
Including other similar items ETCETERA
Lascivious LEWD
Letting in currents of cold air DRAUGHTY
Messages created by planes SKYWRITING
Off one's rocker SCREWY
Portable container for spirits HIPFLASK
Remove the outer layer SKIN
Retired, but retaining the title of one's office EMERITUS
River's edge BANK
Speak with a spitting sound SPLUTTER
Stack of hay — pain in the neck RICK
Tall black fur hat BEARSKIN
Thorny growth ROSEBUSH
Try hard STRIVE
Type of cheese FETA
Unprincipled reprobate — nursery rhyme animal BLACKSHEEP

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