L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Jul 19, 2014

 L.A. Times Daily Crossword Solutions - Jul 19, 2014

Clue Answer
"Dumb and Dumberer" actress OTERI
"Gotcha" ISEE
"Jazz in Silhouette" composer SUNRA
"Walk __": 1964 hit ONBY
2015 destination of the Dawn space probe CERES
Asian festival TET
Bakers' buys YEASTS
Berry hue CERISE
Best Picture of 1951, with "An" AMERICANINPARIS
Biol. branch ANAT
Bird that grew as tall as 12 feet MOA
Blood typing concern RHFACTOR
Bond holding? DRYMARTINI
Bone: Pref OSTE
Challenge for a comedian TOUGHCROWD
Change for the better REFORM
City NE of Amsterdam EDAM
Cry of dismay OHDEAR
Cuts DOS
D.C. school named for a president GWU
D.C.'s __ Stadium RFK
Debussy subject MER
Divulge, with "out" BLURT
Edge RIM
Emulated a rook CAWED
Excited cry OOH
Former Canadian film awards GENIES
Fourier series function SINE
Good earth LOAM
Heel CAD
Kia model OPTIMA
Lawlessness UTTERCHAOS
Memento __: reminder of mortality MORI
Norwegian saint OLAF
Not well SICKLY
Old bread, briefly DMARK
One of Sophocles' Theban plays OEDIPUSREX
Ottawa-based media org CBC
Panache STYLE
Passive disapproval SILENTTREATMENT
Piano bar standard MISTY
Place with a seat: Abbr CTY
Profs' aides TAS
Puts together ADDS
Residencia CASA
Scoreboard fig PTS
Singer Campbell GLEN
Slow Churned ice cream EDYS
Smooth cotton fabrics LISLES
Solder WELD
Some finals ESSAYTESTS
Sorvino of "Mighty Aphrodite" MIRA
Spirited RAHRAH
Sport with end zones ULTIMATEFRISBEE
Square root of nove TRE
Stagger REEL
Stranded, perhaps ICEDIN
Sultan's group HAREM
There's a holy one every yr THU
They follow the nus XIS
They're often busy at breakfast TOASTERS
Tribute of a sort ODE
Vistula River city KRAKOW
Wielders of weapons called bowcasters WOOKIEES
Yield a return PAY
__ crawl PUB
__ salad TUNA

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