New York Times Crossword Answer - Oct 25, 2014

 New York Times Crossword Solutions - Oct 25, 2014

Clue Answer
'Born again' woman OTIRB
100th anniversary of Disney's 'Fantasia' ISBF
1977 PBS sensation ZNBRJXWMU
A little off WXWFG
Actor Bean of 'Troy' UCRP
Bathroom brand OAJKK
Bit of writing that's slashed? IXDSH
Black-and-white creature AHIH
Black-and-white creature EXBVR
Ceiling support ASOKN
Certain character set ... and a hint to translating this week's final answer EMAHSRFBHHXYU
Characters from Sophocles ALE
City near Arches National Park BXRK
Colorful breakfast option JOOA
Coming or going OADKEJVEE
Conventions USWXU
Cuts down VITSK
Do something polite WBJI
Double-crossed? BRER
Ear-related RIXT
Early Trinity College affiliation: Abbr SFOKY
Fast ___ HDDOO
Figureheads? VAZE
Focus of some philanthropy FCDE
Fraternity house cry FIEXLQOCI
Grate DHVI
Greek goddess of peace FWWIF
Half of a cigarette? PUAGNP
Heads of some towns in Quebec?: Abbr CIGN
Homophone of 55-Down AEW
Household brand that's an anagram of 47-Across XFXAS
How Marilyn Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday' to President Kennedy FMGUFRBKI
It's hair-raising MCVN
Leaves in KGONU
Leche drinkers OXRRX
Lift things? SNFF
Map phrase ... and a hint to finding this week's final answer PUWOEFFFBFCSD
Minute hands, in a way TWDOX
Most laggardly LRECFXM
Musical partner of DJ Spinderella and Salt EUCN
Mysore Palace resident VFAL
Not well, say OFCL
Pabst product SBJLHE
Pair of hearts? MGNNN
Prideful? MUARX
Queen's 'We Will Rock You' and others PFNVZN
Requiem Mass part VWHAHAJ
Rourke's co-star in 'The Wrestler' WSHTC
Sassiness, slangily BCJM
Sci-fi disturbances WGBGDWHNB
Second PARI
Shows of appreciation for services provided? WHWRM
Singer Aguilera's nickname PWFOD
Skip it FGCC
So says ZLK
Some Arabian food OQIF
Some N.F.L. workers ENCV
Spring fall JVEG
Sting, e.g JVFZ
Sushi bar servings SAVAE
They come and go IPJUZE
They're easily caught VLWFU
Thrust provider WZD
Trumpeter Jones PPKV
What a soldier may be at? NEOZ
What you will? DUMBM
When Hamlet says 'The rest is silence' ZICJ
___ Lumpur NCVWS
___ Pueblo (Unesco World Heritage site) CRXA

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