L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 06, 2014

 L.A. Times Daily Crossword Solutions - Aug 06, 2014

Clue Answer
"Dark Chords on a Big Guitar" folksinger BAEZ
"Ditto" ASAMI
"Hamlet" castle ELSINORE
"Kiss Me Deadly" rocker Ford LITA
"Man on the Moon" band REM
"Middlemarch" novelist ELIOT
"There was __, they ca'd her Meg": Burns ALASS
"__ a drink!" INEED
1981 Moody Blues hit GEMINIDREAM
52-Down, for one STATE
Agreements from the pews AMENS
Alpine transport TBAR
Animal house DEN
Approves, in a way INITIALS
Big name on the ice ZAMBONI
Bit of work ERG
Blackjack 11-pointer ACE
Boardwalk locale SEASIDE
Brown and Green, e.g SURNAMES
Car that replaced the Marquis MERCURYSABLE
Carpal or tarsal starter META
Cheri of comedy OTERI
Cheryl of "Charlie's Angels" LADD
Chew the scenery EMOTE
Class struggle? EXAM
Court org ABA
Cropped up AROSE
Fish-eating flier ERNE
Gillette brand ATRA
Give stars to RATE
Go from green to red, perhaps RIPEN
Guggenheim display ART
Hard-to-ignore impulses URGES
Herd member STEER
Hit the bottom of SPANK
Homeric journey ODYSSEY
Industry big shot CZAR
Inviolable havens SANCTA
Irritate but good RILE
Isl. of Australia TASM
Israeli weapon UZI
Jack's hiding place BOX
Japanese bowlful RAMEN
Kennebunkport locale MAINE
Like a lummox OAFISH
Like some vbs IRR
Macho dude HEMAN
Moderately slow, in music ANDANTE
Movie lioness ELSA
Nutmeg spice MACE
One for the road AUTO
Pit goo TAR
Pre-Christmas destination for many TREEFARM
Pre-deal payment ANTE
Red giant SSTAR
River through Spain EBRO
Rocky Balboa foe who became his friend APOLLOCREED
Round-trippers DINGERS
Roy G __: rainbow mnemonic BIV
Rub it in GLOAT
Rubber used in inner tubes BUTYL
Sequentially following ENSUING
Shaggy Tibetans YAKS
Shakespearean attendant VARLET
Six-legged scurrier ANT
Solo, in a way STAG
Spa amenity ROBE
Take off the DVR ERASE
Tester of Job's faith SATAN
Uma's role in "The Producers" ULLA
What 20-, 33- and 40-Across begin with NASAPROGRAMS
Where the River Liffey flows EIRE
__-car RENTA

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