USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 01, 2014

 USA Today Crossword Solutions - Aug 01, 2014

Clue Answer
"Affirmative" YES
"Mission: Impossible" org IMF
"___ Maria" AVE
A head EACH
Adult insect IMAGO
Barrel parts STAVES
Be in the running VIE
Bean counter, for short CPA
Begets SIRES
Bibliographical abbr IBID
Big name in mobile phones NOKIA
Big ol' stumblebum OAF
Bit of foliage LEAF
Boot closure STRAP
Brewery equipment VATS
Call, as a game REF
Catlike AGILE
Certain deception LIE
Chesterfield, e.g SOFA
Colorful marine fishes WRASSES
Comfy shirt TEE
Container for nitroglycerin VIAL
Dash lengths EMS
Donkey's bray HEEHAW
Enjoy immensely SAVOR
Event locale VENUE
Extremely fast runner CHEETAH
Fannies DUFFS
Fertilization site OVULE
From Athens GREEK
Generous act SHARING
Gulf east of the Sinai ADEN
Having a striking effect EFFICACIOUS
Heaviest band member? TUBA
Hit the bottle TOPE
How popular videos go VIRAL
Hush-hush SECRET
In a manner that works well EFFECTIVELY
In a productive manner EFFICIENTLY
In the opposite direction FRO
Intoxicating, as perfume HEADY
Jamboree shelter TENT
Knave's loot, in rhyme TARTS
Locomotive undercarriage BOGIE
Luftwaffe foe, for short RAF
Maximum degree (Abbr.) ULT
Minister's platform PULPIT
More than suspicious of ONTO
Niagara River source ERIE
One way to cook steak BROIL
Opera star DIVA
Ornamental loop PICOT
Part of a Wisconsin city's name LAC
Prepares flour for baking SIFTS
Pupil's bath? EYECUP
Recede to the sea EBB
Russell Crowe flick NOAH
Sam Spade's secretary EFFIE
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Second sequel designation III
Sharer's word OUR
Shore concealer FOG
Site of a cold snap? ICICLE
Southern Slav CROAT
Straddling ATOP
Substantial HEFTY
Sun-burned flier of myth ICARUS
Swallow kin SWIFTS
Talk, talk, talk YAK
They played Sinatra HIFIS
They're not well-seasoned TYROS
Tracked down LOCATED
TV monitor? FCC
Victorian, for one ERA
What Dr. J wore AFRO
___ out a win EKE

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