The Guardian - Cryptic Crossword Answers - May 29, 2014

 The Guardian - Cryptic Crossword Solutions - May 29, 2014

Clue Answer
Beneath name, corpse treated with oil found here NECROPOLIS
Beyond queasy on two quarters of sweets PASTILLES
Boatman left sweetheart empowered ABLE
Corrupt brief charged with drugs handout FREEBIE
Definitely short and sweet, perhaps COURSE
Empty sweet nothings by yard without showing any feeling STONILY
Enough maple fudge? AMPLE
Gobstopper in a mess, with bits of rock on ground GRAVELLED
Had variable depth of focus, quick to change ADHD
Humbug is licked into shape here TOSH
Hurries on short trips to uncle's premises POPSHOPS
Keen to go wild, drink and party KNEESUP
Meat dish made by adding sweet lolly BREAD
Nasty lesion found beneath foot INSOLE
No right to release disc by one trendy and smart FEELPAIN
No small islands around old port OSTIA
Note strange reflection of artwork on wall MURAL
One who likes to see suffering solvers, a devilish invention scrambling their heads SADIST
Regrets controls, a Liberal gone astray RUES
School has not one device to download or upload, even POD
Secretly sweet on guest speaker TONGUE
Shot at in road by airmen, hit by metal and died STRAFFED
Spooner's paunch over his trousers from sweets JELLYBEANS
Superior branches of stores are not quiet: after indulgence, they say TREETOPS
Sweet (hard-boiled) on TV after nine? WATERSHED
Sweet on little woman in dress FROCK
Sweet-loving six-footer FONDANT
Sweetly fragrant solver's on top of Boatman THYMY
Type of rock, typically sweet GLAM
Was careful with sack full of duke's letters about love LOOKEDOUT
What makes you blue and sorrow'd, say? WOAD
What's left, if I leave cold sweet? CANDY
Where to put degrees for a dog: at the start? ONSET

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