The Times - Cryptic - June 30, 2016 Crossword Puzzle Answer

The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26452 - June 30, 2016 Crossword Puzzle Answer

As far as I am concerned, here is what I wrote INMYBOOK
Bad language of British legislating to be reviewed BILLINGSGATE
Break with colleague, not all at once SEVERALLY
Briefly I acknowledge receiving high-class powder ROUGE
Children alter covering of an organ RENAL
Chuck away one game and another BINGO
Engine shows corrosion, dropped in the river THRUSTER
Evil influence artist's contributed RASPUTIN
Famous Norwegian putting energy into cricket GRIEG
Fastening label round peg TAPING
Harsh tone from a professional no longer in thriving condition ASPERITY
In bad mood, driver keeps right CRABBY
Infectious, so being checked? CATCHING
Instrument Chairman Mao finally ordered HARMONICA
Clues Answers
Little girl involved in building part of parapet CRENELLATION
Marvellous month ends with a big bang SUPERNOVA
Navigation aid not opened, but still around EXTANT
Nod, say, accepting bead regularly as ornament BEDECK
Not strictly keeping to time in game, almost fail to declare? RUBATO
Off the land, drilled into the sea ARBOREAL
Respecting soldiers, heaven's accepting them ASREGARDS
Self-contradictory state is very boring DEADANDALIVE
Shocked a good hat's been ruined AGHAST
Speedy current source of pepper and ginger MILLRACE
Stood up? That's out of order NOTCALLEDFOR
Supple mountaineer throws off cold LIMBER
Unique mass of pebbles that's not hard SINGLE
Wanderer, looking up, begs extremely shyly, just the same ODYSSEUS

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