The Guardian - Quick - June 30 2016 Crossword Puzzle Answer

The Guardian - Quick crossword No 14,397 - June 30 2016 Crossword Puzzle Answer

112 pounds (cwt) HUNDREDWEIGHT
Beer mug TANKARD
City of Dreaming Spires OXFORD
Contempt DISDAIN
Drink hurriedly SWIG
Full evening dress for men WHITETIE
Great ape GORILLA
Instrument played between the legs CELLO
It makes a yellow sauce CUSTARDPOWDER
Italian omelette FRITTATA
Large black-and-white herbivorous mammal PANDA
Lingua franca of East Africa SWAHILI
Lukewarm TEPID
Clues Answers
Maximum clarity of an idea FOCUS
Mongolian/Chinese desert GOBI
Non-clergy LAITY
Person's assistant SIDEKICK
Publish ISSUE
Small piece of savoury food CANAPE
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Spreading from the centre of a circle RADIAL
Treble or bass symbol? CLEF
Up to this time ASYET
White Italian wine FRASCATI
Yellow cheese with a red covering EDAM

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