Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers - May 29, 2014

 Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate Crossword Solutions - May 29, 2014

Clue Answer
'Beau --' GESTE
'The Hobbit' hero BILBO
'The Waste Land' poet ELIOT
Afternoon hour ONE
Bayou native CAJUN
Bit of change PENNY
Bleeding stopper STYPTIC
Bouncy tune LILT
Burns' partner ALLEN
Checkers side RED
Coffee, in slang JOE
Contented sound PURR
Cowboy nickname TEX
Diet no-no FAT
Dramatist Jonson BEN
Eagle's claw TALON
Energetic people FIREBALLS
Find darling ADORE
Flat floaters RAFTS
Floor unit TILE
Former Spanish coin PESETA
Genesis event FLOOD
Horror director George ROMERO
Like some frat parties BEERY
Lose color FADE
Military targeting FIRECONTROL
Money machine ATM
Oats holder NOSEBAG
One, for Juan UNO
Photo holder ALBUM
Pollen collector BEE
Put on the line BET
Rap sheet item ALIAS
Ring legend ALI
Scary cry BOO
Score amts PTS
Shrek's love FIONA
Social blunder GAFFE
Squirrel's treat ACORN
Steamed MAD
Super serve ACE
Suspects' stories ALIBIS
Tack on AFFIX
Travel meccas RESORTS
Truck part CAB
Twisty letter ESS
Underhanded DIRTY
Verdi opera AIDA
Vivacious wit ESPRIT
Yak it up GAB
Young ones TOTS

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