L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Apr 29, 2014

 L.A. Times Daily Crossword Solutions - Apr 29, 2014

Clue Answer
"Amen!" SOBEIT
"The Raven" poet POE
"We're off __ the wizard ..." TOSEE
"Who am __ argue?" ITO
401(k) kin, briefly IRA
Aegean island IOS
Airplane maneuver CLIMB
Ancient Andean INCA
Angler's "I don't have to throw this one back," and hint to the first word of 18-, 26-, 37- and 47-Across ITSAKEEPER
Apple product MAC
Barely makes, with "out" EKES
Belgian composer Jacques BREL
Bert's buddy ERNIE
Burial places TOMBS
Cabbage side SLAW
Choose not to vote ABSTAIN
Computer input DATA
Cookbook amts TSPS
Cry of distress WOEISME
Desert stopover OASIS
Done in, as a dragon SLAIN
Estrada of "CHiPs" ERIK
Evel on a bike KNIEVEL
Every September, say YEARLY
Family chart TREE
Fortified position BASTION
Fragrance ODOR
Furthermore ALSO
Generating, as interest on an account EARNING
Generic product STOREBRAND
Go it alone SOLO
Group in pews LAITY
Hawaiian dish POI
Hold the title to OWN
Image on many tie-dyed shirts PEACESYMBOL
Indiana hoopster PACER
Kinks girl who "walks like a woman and talks like a man" LOLA
La __ Tar Pits BREA
Like milk on the floor SPILT
Like some rays and dust COSMIC
Little more than MERE
Make aware ALERT
Marsh plant SEDGE
Modify ALTER
Move covertly SLINK
Nursery school adhesive GLUE
Old Finnish cent PENNI
Old-timey "not" NARY
Packed like sardines INOIL
Part of a B'way address NYNY
Peter Fonda's beekeeper ULEE
Pimply condition ACNE
Playwright Simon NEIL
Promos ADS
Readying a field, say PLOWING
Referee's call TIMEOUT
Rooney of "60 Minutes" ANDY
Rowlands of "Gloria" GENA
Sch. whose mascot is Brutus Buckeye OSU
Show embarrassment TURNRED
Singer Lisa et al LOEBS
Sly look LEER
Southern Florida "trail" that's a portmanteau of the two cities it connects TAMIAMI
Spanglish speaker, often LATINO
Stare unsubtly GAWK
Subject of adoration ICON
Surreptitious data-collecting computer program SPYWARE
Toyota __4: SUV model RAV
U.S./Canada's __ Canals SOO
University grad ALUM
Wagger on the dog TAIL
Wild West movie OATER
Woodland deity SATYR
Xbox One, for one GAMECONSOLE
Young fellow LAD

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