Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers August 13 2017

The —, 1987 crime-drama film starring Kevin Costner as Eliot NessUNTOUCHABLES
Aaron —, composer of 1954 opera The Tender LandCOPLAND
Antonio —, Spanish architect famous for his designs for the Sagrada Familia, BarcelonaGAUDI
Airline; flag carrier of IsraelELAL
In cricket, the fielding position on the off side closest to the bowlerMIDOFF
Gastropod mollusc with a spirally coiled shellSNAIL
King of England from 946-955EADRED
Primo —, author of 1975 volume of short stories The Periodic TableLEVI
German submarine in World Wars I and IIUBOAT
Bob —, Australia wing whose final cap was in the 1991 Rugby World Cup Final win over EnglandEGERTON
The —, 2007 comedy-drama film starring Scarlett Johansson and Chris EvansNANNYDIARIES
Tom —, author of stage plays Jumpers and TravestiesSTOPPARD
1998 animated film based on a Chinese legend whose title character is voiced by Ming-Na WenMULAN
2004 novel by Neil JordanSHADE
Old Testament wife of Nabal and subsequently DavidABIGAIL
South American republic; capital LimaPERU
6, 11 and 7 1892 story collection by Joel Chandler HarrisUNCLEREMUS
Any of various types of Soviet fighter aircraftMIG
The —, trilogy of plays by AeschylusORESTEIA
Faint constellation lying on the celestial equator between Leo and HydraSEXTANS
George —, actor who played Norm in US television sitcom CheersWENDT
Brendan —, author of 1958 autobiographical novel Borstal BoyBEHAN
The —, Test cricket ground in LondonOVAL

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