Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers August 12 2017

2013 volume of novellas by Joyce Carol OatesEVILEYE
Jason —, lead actor in 2011 comedy Jeff, Who Lives at HomeSEGEL
Alfred —, classical pianist who was made an honorary KBE in 1989BRENDEL
Bram —, author of 1897 novel DraculaSTOKER
1997 biopic starring Stephen FryWILDE
The —, 1957 radio play by John Mortimer later adapted for television and the stageDOCK
Siren in German legend said to lure boatmen from her rock at the edge of the RhineLORELEI
2011 1,000 Guineas winner ridden by Frankie DettoriBLUE
Johannes —, Swiss painter who taught at the Bauhaus from 1919-23ITTEN
Tropical climbing orchid whose long fleshy pods contain beans used to flavour foodVANILLA
Very fine strands of pasta used in soupsVERMICELLI
British boxing award named after a former president of the National Sporting ClubLONSDALE
River rising in northern France that flows through Belgium into the North Sea at NieuwpoortYSER
6 and 13 Tourist area at the southern end of the Pennines; first national park of England and WalesPEAK
Species of marten valued for its furSABLE
2013 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester StalloneESCAPEPLAN
Town and major railway junction in CheshireCREWE
Large-mouthed marine fish such as the John —DORY
Plant related to the onion; a national emblem of WalesLEEK
Island in central Hawaii whose chief town is HonoluluOAHU

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