Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 13 2017

Warning the rat offTHREAT
Hit with fashion accessoryBELT
Spoken of moralityORAL
Informant at bankTELLER
Decorate with alcohol?LACE
Last order for sailorSALT
Grooms have spaceROOM
Feel kind about animalELK
Prunes have to manageRUN
Queen in the bannerANNE
Late translating storyTALE
Tire of emblemFLAG
Empty victory gives a feline energyVACATE
Appealing to reduce vitaminCUTE
Ceremony sounds correctRITE
Flexible gameRUBBER
Whole time alto was performingTOTAL
Part of theatre?ROLE
Developing roots or trunkTORSO
Party for graduate and studentsBALL
Happy to be told not to startELATED
The first feeble changeTWEAK
Mean to alter the last wordAMEN
Shop always displays precious stoneOPAL
Undamaged during diplomacyINTACT
Mention freer arrangementREFER
Not once was nerve lostNEVER
The woman finds Elizabeth transparentSHEER
Fever is not initially indistinctAGUE
Clambering around youngsterLAMB

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