Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 12 2017

Sets posse offPOSES
Gather at sporting eventRALLY
Is more than one?ARE
Sounds correct to correspondWRITE
Huge order for lagerLARGE
Beastly medic?VET
Talented with drinkALE
Copy from tapestryAPE
Notice a character, saySEE
Mother’s character?NATURE
Always in same versionEVER
New arsenal contains conflictsWARS
Sample new treatsTASTER
Plead for three keysBEG
Lose argument about BalticSEA
Scared to take transportCAR
Rubbish in grottoROT
Location of fish, we hearPLACE
Moving near a venueARENA
Holding racket insideDIN
Log forming braceCABER
Origins of Wimbledon favouritesSEEDS
Friend adjusted tea to tastePALATE
Spoken of moralityORAL
Loser energetically gets calmSERENE
We sat around – hard workSWEAT
Arrive rapidly around streamRIVER
Bit more than seven, sayATE
Allows to hire schoolLETS
You will be heard at ChristmasYULE
Super design for bagPURSE
Bit of corn found in pearEAR
Partner’s paintingART
Fewer around animalEWE
Compete with luvviesVIE
First character raced around some shopsARCADE
Rinse out small warning devicesSIRENS
Stare wildly at flowerASTER
Pasta turned out to be Spanish foodTAPAS
Reportedly obstruct some countriesBLOC
Snatch torn garbGRAB
Sharp as a group of detectivesACID
Raw material from forestORE

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